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Sparkly Smiles

No one likes going to the dentist. Most of us resent it, push back appointments, and when we do go, it feels like a chore. And it might be a miserable experience, however it is something that we all need to be grateful for. 77 million americans don't have dental insurance. Although the circumstances for each person in this category can't be confirmed, it is known that funding visits to the dentist can be extremely difficult.

During the pandemic, 6 million people lost their dental insurance. When finances get tight, the first to go is usually oral care. Dentists check for oral cancer, periodontal disease, ulcers, and so much more; by overlooking semi-annual appointments, people put themselves at risk for an array of diseases.

While tackling the goal of providing 77 million people around the country with secure health care is a daunting goal, Sparkly Smiles aims to provide rural India and Chicago communities with free dental workups. There are many dental clinics in the Chicagoland area and in India that allow low-income citizens to book appointments that are 100% covered. We hope to provide funding and volunteers to these clinics in Chicago and India so they can expand the volume and level of care provided.

We appreciate your support and time as you read this article. If you wish to book or donate to one of the various community clinics, we have linked a list below.

I am also so thankful to Mira Malavia for allowing me to follow in her footsteps


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