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2023 Mumbai Clinic

Throughout the last year, The Sparkly Smiles Project worked diligently to illuminate hope and transform lives. Recently, our non-profit organization partnered with the esteemed Dr. Minoj Bhatia to host an open clinic in India, dedicated to providing essential dental care for those who couldn't afford it. Nestled in a bustling community, this clinic became a beacon of light for individuals grappling with oral health issues, offering not just treatment but a renewed sense of confidence and dignity.

The event was a testament to the power of collaboration and compassion. Dr. Minoj Bhatia's expertise, coupled with our team's unwavering dedication, ensured that each individual received personalized care. From basic dental hygiene education to complex procedures, every attendee was treated with empathy and respect. Witnessing the relief on their faces as they walked out with healthier smiles was a poignant reminder of why initiatives like The Sparkly Smiles Project are crucial in addressing oral health disparities.

Beyond the immediate impact on the individuals we served, the clinic in India serves as a reminder of the pressing need to prioritize oral health as an essential component of overall well-being. It underscores the significance of accessible healthcare, advocating for policies that ensure everyone, regardless of their financial standing, can access quality dental care. The Sparkly Smiles Project remains committed to this cause, striving to create a world where every smile reflects not just happiness but also good oral health and equality. Together, with dedicated professionals like Dr. Minoj Bhatia and the unwavering support of our community, we're lighting the path toward a future where oral health disparities are a thing of the past, and every smile shines brightly.

Our team, along with Dr. Minoj Bhatia are eternally grateful for the support we have received over the last year :)

We have attached videos from Dr. Bhatia and one of the many patients we were able to help!


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